Michelle & Stephen

Michelle & Stephen had an amazing July day at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Connecticut. Michelle and her bridesmaids got ready in the suite available onsite while Stephen and the groomsmen got ready at New Haven Hotel. All photos below are courtesy of Christina Tooley Photography & Videography (if you don’t know much about them they are an awesome Wife/Husband team that conquer weddings).

You might notice a few themes that reflect the huge hearts that Michelle & Stephen have including remembering people who couldn’t be with them on their day (Stephen wore his Grandfather’s Irish penny pin and they had a candle lit for his cousin whom had recently passed).

Michelle and Stephen had the perfect first look venue with a famous Lighthouse Point Park course all to themselves! They even got to share their vows privately with each other.

At their rehearsal Michelle began to speak of a ring blessing she had seen where everyone at the ceremony got took a couple’s rings in their hands and blessed them. In an effort to make it even more special, Michelle & Stephen passed their rings tied together through the bridal party and their parents to get extra special blessings during their ceremony.

Autumn is Michelle & Stephen’s dog who walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids.

Michelle and Stephen had their desserts specially delivered by Sweet Cupcasions. Also they proceeded to give out the most popular wedding favor I’ve ever seen – homemade doggie (treat) bags.

Tables were named after towns that mean the most to them from Ireland. We sprinkled quotes the couple loved throughout the reception.


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