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I can’t believe it has been eight months since officially setting up Love & Lace Weddings as an LLC and I’m just getting around to organizing the website (insert embarrassed face emoji here).  Starting this business has always been a dream of mine and it is one of the clearest pieces of advice from friends and family members I have taken.

Over the past 10+ years I kept dabbling in wedding planning, but just couldn’t committee to a real company. For me, starting a business is really the biggest risk  I have ever taken. Investing in me and investing in a dream I’ve had is a big chance. You’re probably thinking that I’m talking money – well a little, but more so I’m talking about how this Love & Lace Weddings might be the final piece of the puzzle to helping me achieve my teenage dream. Flashback to my high school year book in 2001.

Move to a little town in Italy, by myself for a few years working in a little boutique or flower stand and live by an old building, in an apartment that has a balcony and flowers on it. I would be learning Italian during all of this and then meet a tall dark and handsome man and end up happy.

It may not have happened in the perfect order and it might not be 100% complete, but I can say:

  • I lived in Italy (the building didn’t have flowers on the balcony)
  • I learned Italian
  • I met a tall, not dark, but extremely handsome (Italian) man – and married him
  • I am happy

I may be chasing a teenage dream, but my husband and I have committed to ultimately ending up in Italy with a beautiful agriturismo where we can host guests looking to learn about Italian food and culture and also weddings.  I never connected the dots that wedding planning and coordinating would help me continue to chase my, and now our, future dream.

You might be wondering what has brought about this change for an accountant from Connecticut. I guess I would have to say it is a culmination of things – challenges and loss of loved ones and personal growth have stressed the importance of doubling down on Love & Laces Weddings!

I’m so excited for the future and what is yet to come – Ciao! Rebecca xx

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